What we do

  • Family Counseling (Men and Women)
  • Child Education
  • Home for homeless
  • Employment for destitute women
  • Health care services for the victims
  • Protecting and legal support for inter caste marriage
  • Legal Aid for the Property Issue (legal support for women getting property rights)
  • Handling Dowry harassment issue(dowry death)
  • Child marriage
  • Supportive system for single women and their children (education, employment, skill development for every two months).
  • Supportive system for senior citizen and their property rights.
  • Insisting to implement the Internal Compliance committee in work places for women(State and Central Government, All Private Organizations)
  • Social, economical, Psychological and legal support for violence against women (rape, acid attack, eve teasing, sexual harassment, domestic violence, molestation)
  • Getting Compensation for termination of employment.
  • Awareness campaign for various social issues
  • Human trafficking (women and Children)
  • Child Abuse (POCSO Act,2012)
  • Organ donation

Magalir Satta Udavi Mandram works for the welfare of women & children. We identify the problems of the weaker section of the community, prioritize and resolve them with the available resources through organized, systematic legal mode.